Downloading images and files

To download images and files you need to create a data pattern. One of its fields must be referred to the image. Then you need to create a Capture for this pattern. Set up the type Image or File in the Capture linked to the image or file. To perform this action you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create the data pattern with one or more field linked to image or filed.
    Create date pattern
    Select image HTML element
  2. Create the Capture block on the basis of the pattern.
  3. Select the Capture related to the image in the diagram editor.
    Select capture image statement
  4. Change output type to Image or File in the Properties view.
    Select Image output type

Now you can add a Datasource . The program will automatically store the images locally when you run the Agent . The local file path will be stored in the corresponding field.

Page Modified 6/9/17 10:12 AM