• Products

    Web Scraping

    WebSundew is a powerful web scraping tool that extracts data from the web pages with high productivity and speed. WebSundew enables users to automate the whole process of extracting and storing information from the web sites. You can capture large quantities of bad-structured data in minutes at any time in any place and save results in any format. Our customers use WebSundew to collect and analyze the wide range of data that exists on the Internet related to their industry.

  • Services


    WebSundew Services were designed for the users who are too busy to deal with the soft and for the organizations which do not have a complex IT infrastructure of their own. Our extraction services staff can set up a data extraction agent which you can run on your computer or we can extract data from the given web site. You just need to submit a service request and we will do the entire job for you.

    • point-and-click user interface
    • free extraction project for new customers, free upgrades and support
    • extract HTML-based data to MS Excel, CSV, XML, database or any text format
    • extract images and files
    • built-in web browsers, multilevel extraction, scheduling extraction
    • pay once and get lifetime WebSundew license
    • no third parties involved, you are sure in security and confidentiality of your information
    • data extraction agent for a given web site
    • no more spending time on learning the soft
    • make a request and we do all the job for you
    • extracted data arranged in the required format
    • customer-oriented professional support
    • flexible pricing policy depending on complexity of the job