About Company

Our company mainly focuses on development of different solutions, which allow users to simplify and improve their daily work in web environment.

The development of the Web leads to increasing of the amount of available information. Unfortunately, very often information is unstructured, and that fact prevents users from performing some operations, such as statistical examination, optimal data search and many other tasks.

Our specialists have developed a unique technology, which enables to solve such problems. Traditionally, tasks of that sort are accomplished with the help of special programming languages. The dynamics of the web content (and its constant changes) significantly complicate the issue. Our technology allows configuring data extraction in just a few minutes. At that, it is not necessary to possess some special knowledge. All you need is to select data on the screen.

All our specialists are professionally qualified in corresponding fields of activity. The basic technologies applied are: Java, C#, C++, web services. In addition, we have a department which is responsible for testing our products. There also is a customer support team, which helps in solving problems and answers the questions concerning usage of our products. We are always open to collaboration.

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